ITC 240 Week 10 Activities

Monday’s class covered Classes and Paging.

Time:  2.25 hours

I continued the work begun in class to implement a pager on the Beers list web page and completed the Assignment 11.

Time:  1.25 hours

Wednesday’s class topic was Form CRUD.  We learned how to create, read, update, and delete database records.  We looked at code that enables us to allow a user’s data to be entered on a form and have it inserted into a database table.

Time:  2.25 hours

After class, I completed EC6: Table Insert, adding two fields to my grey application’s contact form and enabling the form entry to record the data in my online database.

Time:  1.50 hours

On Saturday, I read the assigned material for the BotNets discussion and posted my answers online, adding a comment to another user’s post about frequent password changes.

Time:  2.00 hours


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