ITC 240 Week 11 Activities

The classes for Week 11 concerned Sessions and Logins.

Time: 3.50 hours (2.00 on Monday and 1.50 on Wednesday)

All of my assignments have been completed and submitted to the professor.

ITC 240 Web Apps I was a great class and I’m looking forward to ITC 250 this summer.


ITC 240 Week 10 Activities

Monday’s class covered Classes and Paging.

Time:  2.25 hours

I continued the work begun in class to implement a pager on the Beers list web page and completed the Assignment 11.

Time:  1.25 hours

Wednesday’s class topic was Form CRUD.  We learned how to create, read, update, and delete database records.  We looked at code that enables us to allow a user’s data to be entered on a form and have it inserted into a database table.

Time:  2.25 hours

After class, I completed EC6: Table Insert, adding two fields to my grey application’s contact form and enabling the form entry to record the data in my online database.

Time:  1.50 hours

On Saturday, I read the assigned material for the BotNets discussion and posted my answers online, adding a comment to another user’s post about frequent password changes.

Time:  2.00 hours

ITC 240 Week 9 Activities

Classes this week continued on the topic of using PHP to access MySQL through a web page.  We learned how to retrieve a list of items from MySQL and display them on a web page, where the user may select one item and view more information about it.

Time: 4.50 hours

On Monday, I gathered more information for addition to the Beers database in MySQL for Assignment 9.

Time: 1.00 hours

On Tuesday, I studied and completed EC5, which required us to create a GitHub account.

Time: 1.00 hours

On Wednesday and Thursday, I worked on Assignment 10: List/View, adding code to the grey website to create a page with a list of beers.  The user may click on a beer link to view the detail and an image for the beer.

Time:  4.00 hours

ITC 240 Week 8 Activities

This week’s class topic was PHP and MySQL.  On Monday, we moved the grey application from the school’s server to our own webhosting servers.  We learned about accessing MySQL through a web page using Adminer.  On Wednesday, we built a database table with information about beers.

Time: 4.50 hours

After Wednesday’s class, I continued working on Assignment 9: PHP & MySQL. I gathered data for insertion into Beers database table, created the insert statement and added my data to the database. I created the Beers page on my grey website and linked it to my Google docs staging area page.

Time: 2.50 hours

This evening, I read and researched connection API’s for PHP and MySQL, then answered the discussion questions and posted a comment.

Time: 1.50 hours