ITC 240 Week 6 Activities

This week’s classes covered troubleshooting PHP code and creating formhandlers.

Time: 4.50 hours

The discussion was about Web Trivia.  I found a great article that had numerous trivia facts: (Links to an external site.)

Researched the computer wabbit virus, which is a type of fork bomb in which each copy replicates itself into two more copies.  The process continues until a system’s resources are shut down.  I was amazed at how little code is necessary to create a virus.

I provided a comment on the discussion.

Time: 1.00 hours

Today, I read through the interesting comments on the Web Trivia discussion and researched the use of mySQL vs. MS SQL Server.  But I decided to pursue information regarding Oracle’s ownership of the open source mySQL product and added a comment to the discussion.

Time: 1.25 hours

Studied and worked on A7: Email Formhandlers.  Completed the assignment, but need to work on the extra credit portion.

Time: 4.50 hours

Completed the video assignment V4: Troubleshooting, GET and POST.  I was reminded that in setting a header for a web page redirect, that there should be no space before the header, unless output buffering is enabled on the web server.  I discovered this issue for myself the hard way, unfortunately.

Time: 3.00 hours

Early in the week, Professor Bill Newman noted that he was unable to access the assignment link I had provided on a a google doc.  Surely enough, some of the links on the Staging Area worked, but most did not.  This is like actually having the dog eat your homework.

I deleted each and every link on the Staging Area page and added them back.  Then I resubmitted the page on Canvas, shut down google drive, and accessed the page from Canvas.  The same exact result occurred.  This is fishy…some links work, some don’t, and recreating the links yields the same result.

I began to look for a commonality of the working links and also for the non-working links.  The working links were all on the far right hand side of rows which consisted of lists of multiple links.  No links that were followed by right hand links worked, unless there were multiple tab spaces separating them.

Eureka!  The problem is solved by placing each link on its own row.  A lesson is also learned…be very cautious in going free form on anything involving technology, regardless of how pretty the presentation may be.

Time: .75 hours


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