ITC 240 Activities

This week’s classes covered forms and troubleshooting.

Time: 4.50 hours

Read  and studied 07) POST & GET with Forms and 08) Troubleshooting.

Time: 1.00 hours

Completed Assignment 6: Troubleshooting, which presented us with PHP and html code for a web page that accepts two values in a form and then prints out a message with the sum.  I deconstructed the code and ran it in pieces so that I could isolate the errors.

1.25 hours

This week’s conversation was on the topic of spam. I  answered the assigned questions, read responses of classmates, and provided a comment.  I was glad to learn about the Spamhaus Project to combat the terrible waste of resources caused by spammers.  I’m looking forward to learning how to combat spam in web forms.

1.50 hours



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