ITC 240 Week 4 Assignments

This week’s class content consisted of information about arrays and dynamic web pages.

Time: 4.50 hours

I read the course information in 06) Arrays.

Time: .25 hours

This week’s videos were very interesting.  They have also assured me that if I should ever want to change my accent, then I have a head start with the British accent.

Time: 3.25 hours

This week’s discussion topic centered around the browser Opera and the company’s decision to abandon their Presto layout engine in favor of a fork of the Webkit engine.  I read the suggested materials and posted my answers to the questions posed, as well as provided an additional reply to another student’s post.

Time: 1.50 hours

I added my response to the extra credit discussion concerning preferred IDE’s after doing further research into the features of Notepad++.  I came back to the discussion to read other students’ comments and conduct some additional research into the coding environments and editors they had mentioned.  I added a comment about Sublime Text’s revenue model.

Time: 2.00 hours


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