ITC 240 Discussion and Assignment 4

This week’s class discussion is about functions.  I read the discussion entries and selected the nl2br() function as my favorite function, as I had just been using it while testing PHP for a working website that I designed.

Time: .75 hours

The website’s Contact form worked perfectly on the edison server, sending the data to the designated email address and then directing to the Successfully Sent Message page.  However, on the client’s web server, when the PHP executed, the page did not redirect.  I researched solutions to the problem and then added the full page URL, but this didn’t work.

Finally (thanks to ITC 240), I realized that a page redirect is not necessary.  I deleted the page redirect and added the success page html code to the PHP file.  It works perfectly, and now there is one less file weighing down the website.

I completed Assignment 4: PHP Templates and added links to three templates to my Staging Area page.

Time: 1.50 hours


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