ITC 240 Discussion and Assignment 4

This week’s class discussion is about functions.  I read the discussion entries and selected the nl2br() function as my favorite function, as I had just been using it while testing PHP for a working website that I designed.

Time: .75 hours

The website’s Contact form worked perfectly on the edison server, sending the data to the designated email address and then directing to the Successfully Sent Message page.  However, on the client’s web server, when the PHP executed, the page did not redirect.  I researched solutions to the problem and then added the full page URL, but this didn’t work.

Finally (thanks to ITC 240), I realized that a page redirect is not necessary.  I deleted the page redirect and added the success page html code to the PHP file.  It works perfectly, and now there is one less file weighing down the website.

I completed Assignment 4: PHP Templates and added links to three templates to my Staging Area page.

Time: 1.50 hours


ITC 240 Activities

I completed the videos assigned for this week and answered questions 10 – 23.

Time:  2.00 hours

I studied Lesson 05) Include Files, downloaded the code, and viewed it in Notepad++.

Time:  .25 hours Video Activities

The video lesson for Week 3, PHP Fundamentals, was posted today.  I viewed a portion of the assigned presentations and answered questions 1 – 9.

Time: .75 hours

Continue:  View the remaining videos and answer questions 10 – 23.

(This activity took place on January 19, but my blog time had not yet been adjusted to PST, so the date appears as January 20.)

Summary of Activity for the Week Ending 1/19/15

Since this is the first blog entry concerning assignments, I won’t list each assignment for the entire week.  I spent over ten hours outside of class, working on a variety of tasks. These are detailed on my Time Tracker spreadsheet.

The class topics for the week were conditionals, dates, and short tags in PHP.  I particularly enjoyed the assignment which required students to code a page of PHP that would get the current date and render an image and a message specific to that day of the week.  I spent over four hours on the project but probably took too long gathering images and quotes about the days of the week.

The class discussion was about Open Source software, and my classmates offered some great comments about the benefits and possible negative effects of its influence.

First Blog Post

Hello blog reader!  Thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Darryl Kukor and I am a student in the Computer Programming Certificate Program at Seattle Central College.

This blog has been created as part of the requirements for the Seattle Central College class, ITC 240 Web Apps I.  The purpose of the blog is to document my progress and record time spent on class projects.  My goal is to learn how to estimate time for projects and develop good habits for tracking billable hours.